little joy of color & texture

The countless joys our children can experience in their daily lives inspire us. d’little, we are a fabric brand committed to creating cherished items that stay long in children's bright and pure memories, even as time passes. Our products bring a little extra happiness to the everyday, combining the joy of color and the comfort of texture to enrich your child's world. Each piece is crafted with love, care, and a deep respect for the purity of childhood. We are proud to be a part of your child's journey, providing them with lasting memories woven into our fabric products. Join us in celebrating the little joys of color and texture.

Our Story

Founded in Seoul in 2011, Drawing at Home is a fabric brand whose second brand, d'little, is led by Jang Sun-hye. With a loving mother's heart for her two daughters, she wanted to create bedding with better materials and more lovable colors. d'little is the result of Jang Sun-hye's passion, a brand born from a mother's love.

While the forms are simple, d'little thrives on richer combinations of colors, whimsical patterns, and heartfelt intent. Our products aim to create lasting memories for children, ensuring that even as time passes, their pure and bright memories are preserved. We aspire to be a part of your child's journey, providing them with endearing reminders of their childhood, encapsulated in our beautifully designed bedding. We hope that d'little, with its vivid colors and charming patterns, will remain in children's bright and innocent memories for a long time.

Our Philosophy

At d'little, we aim not to mass-produce standard bedding designs but to create unique children's bedding that leaves a memorable impression. Each small detail we incorporate is a reflection of d'little's core values.

Rather than adhering to traditional design norms, we continually strive for refreshing change with a spirit of joy. Our focus is on quality over price, with the goal of creating a brand that boasts high-quality materials and our distinct designs. Our priority is to produce excellent products, merging top-notch quality and our unique design identity. Through this philosophy, we hope to leave a lasting impression, bringing warmth and joy to children's rooms across the globe.