HeyKiKi Quilted Bedding Set, Yellow

Size Guide

Half-quilted Quilt: 130x180 cm Pillow cover: 40x60 cm

Product Details


  • Pillow Front: 100% Cotton
  • Pillow Back & Quilt: 100% Linen


  • The stuffing in the quilt is made from authentic HUVIS Dendania fluff, providing a soft and cozy feel.
  • The stuffing and the outer layer are quilted together to form a comforter.
  • No separate stuffing is required, and both the top and bottom are quilted so they do not separate.
  • The quilting marks are visible on both the top and bottom of the quilt.
  • It's recommended for those who do not prefer the feeling of a single layer of bedding on their body during the summer.

  • Bag-type Pillow Cover (with frill design)
Care Instructions
  • Hand wash in lukewarm water under 30 degrees using a neutral detergent. Avoid wringing or rubbing too hard to prevent fabric stretching.
  • While hand washing is recommended, if machine washing is necessary, use the wool cycle with a specific wool detergent or shampoo. Please refrain from heavy rinsing, spin drying, or drying functions.
  • To prevent the shedding of linen fluff, it's best to avoid using fabric softeners. Some shedding may occur initially, but with multiple washes, this will naturally lessen. Please be aware of this during the initial period.
  • When drying, shake off any loose fluff and straighten out any creases before hanging. Avoid direct sunlight as prolonged exposure can stiffen the fabric and cause discoloration.