Waggle Waggle Cushion : Green, Cylindrical

Size Guide

Length: 40 cm, Diameter: 12 cm

Product Details


  • 100% Cotton


  • Cylindrical Cushion:
  • Made of sturdy Oxford fabric of about 20 counts, further processed with washing to maintain its shape even after laundry.
  • Its soft touch makes it great for children to hug and sleep with, and also serves well as a bed guard or for coordination purposes.
  • The cover and stuffing are separable for easy washing.
  • Microfiber Cushion Stuffing:
  • Instead of a firm and solid cushion, we used microfiber for a soft cushion feel.
Care Instructions
  • For the first wash, we recommend dry cleaning or hand washing with a neutral detergent in water below 30 degrees Celsius. If machine washing, we recommend washing it separately on the wool cycle.
  • To protect the fabric and prevent color bleeding, please close the zipper on zippered products and wash them separately in a washing net.
  • As natural materials like cotton can shrink due to the nature of the fabric, please refrain from heavy spin-drying and using a dryer as much as possible.