wonderland bedding, la la lovely

Size Guide
  • Quilt: 160x210 cm
  • Pillow Cover: 40x60 cm
Product Details


  • 100% High-Density Cotton, 80-thread count fabric


  • The quilt stuffing is made from authentic HUVIS Dendania fluff, providing a cozy and soft feel.
  • The inside part that touches the body is quilted (half-carpet type).
  • It is fundamentally quilted, allowing it to be used alone during the transitional seasons.
  • The bottom features a zip closure, making it easy to add or remove additional stuffing depending on the season.
  • The side of the bedding that touches the body has fixed fluff, preventing tangling even with long-term use. This feature also makes it possible to wash the fluff together with the quilt, facilitating convenient use.

  • The Pillow Cover is a bag-type design.
Care Instructions
  • For the first wash, it's recommended to dry clean or hand wash in water below 30 degrees Celsius using a neutral detergent.
  • If you are machine washing, use the wool cycle and wash separately.
  • To protect the fabric and prevent color transfer, it's crucial to close the zipper on the cover and place it in a laundry bag for separate washing, especially for items with zippers.
  • Cotton and other natural materials may shrink due to the fabric characteristics, so it's advisable to refrain from strong spin-drying and using a dryer.